Thursday, October 6, 2011

Great Game Hunter [Kingdom Death] - Final set of WIP shots

This shall be the last set of WIP shots of her, the next set will be finished pix for the competition and they will be posted to WAMP, a link will be here though

To do is the base, the hair, and everything else that I can spot here....

Comments welcomed : )


  1. Looking good so far, I would just try to do something about her gloves. Maybe some less grey and a final highlight? But since the pics are rather big it´s hard to tell how it looks IRL. Keep up your good work and good luck at the competition!

  2. Thanks Denniz, I had already submitted it but I will do something about that glove and flock the base a little. but I fear that I might ruin something and it will take a long while for me to fix it so I left it as is... I should have donce all base caot before highlighting... :P


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