Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini Facial

From Evernote:

Mini Facial

So I am now working on her, and the trouble is the face is not that smooth, so rough that it looks wrinkled. 
the picture on the left is my work, the eye is a bit lifeless too
the one on the right is the box art

So good that I had a box of milliput laying around, first time i used it
I tested played it a few times already though

problem is, the slightly yellow part is a bit dried
first time I played with it, the dough was not that juice after I added water...

so I suspect it's because of the dried outer surface
I had to take them away before I use it

see how the bit on the right doesn't look that good? a bit cracked too?

but just for show here's what I did in my first round

not much of a tutorial aye? haha

This is the finished product
Probably I should have taken some more WIP pictures in between
but let's do that next time around...

The painted version

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