Monday, April 18, 2011

Dark Age's Lucky x Mello Yello

A lot of first here:
1st Dark Age mini, 1st green stuff handling, 1st contest entered
the challenge is to stick to the theme: Mello Yello, a soft drink that I had never tasted before, thank god for google
this is the first time I got a mini form Dark Age, not happy the sculpt: there's one flash line running right down the left of her face, crossed the eyeball then a bit of the lip
repainted twice the face and the dress, painting yellow is no fun. the right eye lid is a bit odd... not my best eye paint job.

the face looks like a man, i did my best to make her look like a lady

the base was a lave base, I got some green stuff to make a mud path

I think her dress looks like a banana, with the green bit at bottom and yellow body

not bad for a 3 painting sessions work :) my first attempt at a contest (no price :P) It was a very late entry, deadline was today and I knew about this last week, so I got about 6 days total and I can only paint at night :P

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