Sunday, April 3, 2011

my experience with secret weapons new wash part 2

**this is not a review**

so i had tried a few of them on my mini, but found it is really different from the gameworkshop wash. gw wash seems to be a bit thinner, and since those are of a darker shade, it bring out the "shadow/cracks" better

but that doesn't matter much coz i was hoping that i can use it for glazing

so that brings me to my second point: the sediment. they settle very quickly so when the drop is out of the bottle the settling still happens. . . so when i glaze the . . . glaze is not so even :p but if i use them straight out of the box it works really well, save me the trouble of thinning the paint myself. (on sediment: )

one other experince i can share is that i had tried using these washes to thin gw paints, they do mix well.

anyway, here are some golbin shield, white primed and washed with secret weapon washes. this is color reference for myself.

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