Friday, April 15, 2011

Last night I got about 2 hours of work into this mini, actually had been thinking about this on my way home, I did this after I got home.

Anyway, here she is, Lucky from Dark Age, based with a modified lava base from Secret Weapon, prepped and primed (need to fix a bit)....

There is a lot of 'frist' for me here:
- First time I used Green stuff, I got that on the lava base coz there's a gap there meant as lava river
- First time I used a 0.6 mm drill head, so that I get a hole in the pistol
- First time I got a mini from Dark Age (not too happy with the face, like the proportion of the body)
- First time I got into a contest, learning process, result doesn't matter :)

These are the area that I need to go a bit creative, will be doing a bit of free hand (another first), need to decide on the color scheme

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