Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Secret Weapon Wash: It works and it rocks! (at least this one)

OK first off I suck at thinning paints and I had this long suspusion that the mediums could slove all my problems (the chemical, not the profession)... but ppl keep on telling me that it had been water all along.... so I can't exactly say that I can thin paints well.

The soft body black is the answer. I tried to thin GW's black wash and I can't get it to not stain the 'lighter' part of the recess. This wash doesn't stain as much and it add shadow to the recess 'just right'. That's how I did the middle part of the corset.

First it was white primed, then a few watered layers of bleached bones, then I used this wash to mix with the bleach bone paints, it produced a dirty version of it, which add a bit of texture to the corset. Then a few stroke of pure bleach bone as highlights

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