Tuesday, November 12, 2013

air-brushing - Reaper LE Sci-fi Sophie diorama WIP

Again not much of an update, just trying to get back to the swing of painting as I had stopped for a few days.  That's actually my pattern, finished up to a stage and then just not in the mood or finding excuses not to paint for a few days. I understand that and I had work around that by leaving the most interesting part to the last to keep myself interested.

Anyway, here are some shots of Sophie herself.  I had choose to stick with Reaper's original design and keep her original wings on.  Although I think a sci fi style wing would have been much better, but I guess this will work just fine.  It's air-brushing all the way here. I used dark blue and deep red for the shadow, giving it a very deep purple.  The highlight on the wing is flesh tone with a bit of red, I hope to give the wing a more yellowish hue instead of leaving it too brown.  The body itself has the same first coat of highlight, then another layer of closer to white highlight.

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