Monday, November 18, 2013

Man cave make over, before - "practice what you preach"

As someone who make a living by getting people to do things properly and orderly, my painting room is a shameful display of my personality.  As the saying goes "practice what you preach", I'd re-think how I could make the best out of the space.  Let's start with a virtual tour of my man-cave (slash painting room slash study).  Here's the entrance, the sliding door to the left is my domestic helper's room.  Although the room is only big enough for one bed, the room got the same sized window as I do.  Hong Kong normal folks standard my Helper got a pretty good room.

This is the bird's eye view of the room.  The circular table is my design.  The original idea is to give all my hobbies or work equal emphasis and so circle should be the best design.  But as it turns out the drawer below the left section leave little leg room for me, plus the space under the table got filled with boxes and stuff now...

this is the main painting area.  I used to use those clear acrylic tray to put all my paints but these days they are just used  for tools.  I guess I can do something about that too coz my right arm kept on hitting them.  the little bag hanging on the wall is my head mount magnifier.

Looking to the left of the table is my usual air-brushing area.  It's not a fixed one because I still don't use the air brush very often.  The box on the table is the shield and back drop when I am doing air brushing, I need to do something about that too coz if I do priming with spray can it get VERY dusty all over the palce.

That is the display case, my design as well.  It is actually wooden wall with a space indented.  The work isn't too fine with overly thick glass but it will have to do.  the lower shelf is for all the mini that I am working on.

So looking up these are the two top shelf above the desk.  There are a lot of room for use here.  The wooden tray got all the spray cans up there to keep them away from the little one.  The white box and the blue box are my ... collection of miniatures... yea boxes full of them.

Down under the table is the home to my aim brush, I guess it can do with a better home especially when I am planning to use two air brushes at the same time...

That's the new wooden shelf behind me, home to my camera and other various stuff.  I guess they could use some tidying up too.

Lastly the wall with my kid's drawing.  I plan to stick a huge backing plastic sheet there so I can use bluetag to stick whatever I want on it. but because Hong Kong is very humid the paper tend to get soggy very quickly so I might just want to keep it clean.

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