Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tales of War Kenjiro

Hi everyone, it's time to start a new project.  This is my second commission job, the second of the five paint jobs I promised to do for him.  This time around it's Kenjiro from Tales of War, it's very fortunate that I got to paint him cause I have always wanted to buy and paint him some days.  And yes, here's my cute little assistant Yotsuba-san!

He is a three pieces miniature where the body is molded in one piece and the arms come separate.  It's a good cast with very clever placement of the mold lines so cleaning it was easy.  The folds at the bottom made mounting it on the holder a bit difficult as I had to finish base coating it first, otherwise it would be to hard to use the air-brush on them when it's on the holder.

His pose, a waiting stance, was why I held off buying him for so long.  As far as I could remember he has been around since I started painting.  I can't figure out what he is waiting for and seems making a base that give the sense of a windy environment seems hard.  Good thing is that the guy didn't need me to make a base for him and I just have to set him on a cork.

One lesson I learned form the past is the met tab that comes with the miniature is very important for mounting it on a holder, and it's a lot easier than using a pin.  Especially for miniature like this one where the feet are small and thin.

I cut out two small slots on the cork so the mini can slot onto the cork. But before I put any white glue on it I'd have to prime and base coat the folds underneath first.

PS: These days I am dealing with some personal issues hence I haven't updated this blog as often as I had, and haven't done much painting either... Hope things will get better for me soon.

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