Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dark Sword Elven Princess mini diorama - wip

I built this diorama to use up some of the 'basing material' I collected over the years, it's also a gift to my friend.  the base was an ordinary 50mm plastic, then stacked on with a few  beer coaster, followed by broken tiny ceramic tiles.  It took me a long time placing them in, fun though.  The bigger gaps were filled with green stuff.

The pillars were made with straws and white/green stuff mix.  I first push through some cream in the inside of the straw, then push in the mix.  After a few hours I cut open the straw and take out the dried rods.  Because it is mixed with white stuff it chips, and so I cut it up into smaller sections and stick them back together to create the cracks.  Then I thought I might as well just sculpt the details of the pillars by chipping with hobby knife.

Painting her was actually quite fun, especially when she got so much skin showing and painting skin has been something that I am good at.  Although I did still make the mistake of not doing the highlight right, it turns out okay.  Thankfully the eyes are bigger than normal.

[Pictures of the completed diorama:]

For those who are interested in having a go at this magnificent miniature, here's the link DSM1167Sculptor: Jeff Grace
Materials: Pewter

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