Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gypsy [Freebooter] - Last set of WIP shots

  • since i probably wont have any more time for her this is might be the last few wip shots.
  • I could have done a few more fixing on the face but it is a bit late now. so from this one on i spend even more time on preping. hope these regrets and time wastes wont happen again for the next one.
  • another mistake is that the groves or inner folds are not so well painted. this has to do with the base coating stage. there are bits there that are still metal...
  • handling could have been better too. she broke off the base once an had to be glued back on, i took away too much want clearing her off the base so i had to do some almost impossible pining...
  • the inner folds of the dress could have been smoother too. same as the face preping issue.
  • as for good thing i think the eye shadow is a nice touch. the left eye is spot on i think.
  • the grey scale painting + glazing seems to work.
  • and this is going to be a gift :)


  1. you'd be interested in selling this miniature?

    1. Thanks for your interest :) but it was already given out as a gift to my friend :)
      if you are interested I got another one ready to be painted :)


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