Monday, March 10, 2014

Speed painting - priming

Hi everyone.

because of my craze towards Zombicide I got hold of a lot of zombies and modern days miniatures.  They had been sitting around the paint station for a long time now.  I finally pull myself together and try to get better at speed painting miniatures.

My steps:

  1. match them up with base
  2. put the bits together, base them if the mini isn't too obstructing for paint the base
  3. prime them with spray on
  4. base coat them with wash, wet-blending on the base to get to the cracks
  5. air-brush dark paints as shadows, extra layer if needed
  6. air-brush on light paints as lights, extra layer for more dramatic effect

Not exactly hyper speed but it is a lot quicker than what I used to do.

First stage is cleaning them and getting the right base for them.

 Most of them don't require much assembling except for two.  These days I am a lot better with handling green stuff now.

So I match them up with base from Secret Weapon, again, excellent product and value for money.

First I prime them with spray on primer, very easy step.  the hardest part is getting it even, not as easy when some of them mini got a lot of abstracted bits.

Then I group them up according the the stage they are at.

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