Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zombicide - fully painted...

When I was crazy with this game a few months back I was so into it I thought I can finish painting them all in 3 weeks.  As it turns out, and as things in real life caught up, I had just finished them all last week, ie, almost a year... haha.
It's not the best of my work, but they are done.

Still very happy with the storage.
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And am still very happy with the transparent basing.
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The glass shards are actually hard plastic glued on to it.

I used to use blue dices for them, but then on they look too similar to the survivors so I just spray painted the clear bases blue.

The extra zombies that I just can't resist, they are very good indeed.  I still got a few more being painted but those don't count as the original plastic set aye? haha
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The team of proxy survivors, not as good as I wish them to be but good enough as gaming pieces.
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The mass of them look very imposing.

I need to make those contrast happening with these light blue runners...
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