Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Great Game Hunter [Kingdom Death] - WIP 2

I had been using secret weapon wash (Ruby) as the solution for thining the color, I like how good it is as a glaze (rather than wash) and as shown it's pretty even and smooth, when I drip the paint into the wash the paint got even out pretty fast, where with water the water drop kinda need some stiring

so I did a lot more highlighting to it, since I do successive highlighting (ie, keep on mixing lighter color in the darker shade pool) I need to finish off in one go as I can't retrack my step, not good. that's something I need to fix with my existing paint set

I like this picture, it felt epic

Did a lot with the skin tone, need to do some sharper highlight there, she looks fat now : p

applied another layer of brown to the leather straps, readying them for highlights

This shot was taken in the morning after with natural lighting.

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