Monday, February 17, 2014

20,000+ hit! and Wyrd's Bishop

Hi everyone and yes, this little blog got more than 20,000 hits! Much thanks to a few SEO tricks even with such little updates these few months the blog still got a lot of random hits.

Haven't painted for a long time, not that I stopped entirely but more because I haven't been too pleased with the results I got lately.  This is Bishop from Wyrd.

Comparing to the box art my Bishop is very dark and there isn't enough high lights. The air brushing shadow and light technique could only bring me this far and I think I should do less with it. 

I felt that his left shoulder is a bit too big, but I guess that's the thing about sculpting by hand instead of computer 3D sculpting, there'd always be little things that didn't quite go well.  These days wyrd had moved towards plastic and 3D sculpting, and their art work changed a lot too.  Not such a bad thing though their new miniatures are less attractive to me now.

The base came from Secret Weapon miniatures, it's a resin base.  Got this from 'bag of crap' purchase.  It got a lot of details and the stone textures are very convincing.

The one part that I am happy with is perhaps his shoulder plate, where I managed to get out the fine gap between the two plates, and all the nails on the rim. The hand I thin was nicely painted too, can't say much about the rest of him though.

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