Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to live - beginning the 5th year of miniature painting

Hi folks

It had been a long while since I posted here... but now that I moved to a new job with more manageable hours I can start blogging again.  Although these post would be pretty much duplicate what I post on facebook, here I can put in more details and make more frequent posts with more details thrown in...

It's summer again and it marks the beginning of the 5th year of my miniature painting hobby.  a bit of looking back, the following is a shot of my painting station.  Everything except the lamps could fit neatly into a box, with minimal number of paints and limited number of other tools like files or clips.

and this is where I paint, a small corner in my study room, with an almost full paint rack, air brush, power drill (in the drawer), head mount magnifying glasses and a display case for my painted miniatures... 
hope my miniature show some significant progress too. 
I am still using the same lamp and mat, and one of the brush survived all these years as a... well brush to dust off the miniatures.

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