Thursday, June 27, 2013

back to live - paying extra to save time (part 1)

that's my rationale, spending a bit extra to save time.

I used to have the fantasy of mixing up the colors to produce other color so that I don't have to buy paints for every color.  As it turns out it's not that easy, and it makes correcting mistakes almost impossible.  It did occur to me recently that the transitional color between highlights and base coat, or between shadow would still need to be mixed though.

so, a few months after I started these are the paints that I run with:

and later on when i discovered the goodness of the Reaper Miniature's trio system, i run with these:

4 years later, I paint with all these....

The good thing about having the exact color is that I can always go back on certain parts, like if I did too much highlight, or the transition is not smooth enough, I can also pull out the base coat color and correct it. I had been concentrating on the face and eyes and I mostly paint girls... hence I got a lot of skin tones.

Wash had been both helpful and harmful in my painting.  It's the lazy way to add shades and shadows, but too much of it make the paint job look rough.  One can argue that it looks more realistic though.  These days I am using it only for very tiny details such as pistols and zippers instead of larger surfaces.

the secret weapon washes had been very, very help, even more help these days when I am doing more diorama.  good value for money means I can experiment with them without feeling too guilty.  Mixed with small amount of regular paint and it's excellent for laying down base coat over a larger area.  One word of advice: the wash can form a thick layer and downed some of the details.

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